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I’m headed off to summer workshop in a couple days, but before I go: here’s a topic inspired by an email from a fellow artist who had been contacted by Art-Exchange – they were offering to ‘jury’ her website and then list her work, market it to hunting lodges, etc. Since I made the mistake of falling for their spiel many years ago – and paying them a fee at the time – a couple of my prints are listed on their site (for astronomically high prices…I’m pretty sure I didn’t set those prices, but I frankly can’t remember). My cynical side suspects that this outfit is making most of its money from artist fees, not from actually marketing and selling work. They have gazillions of artists listed.

If an art-selling outfit (whether gallery or website) is going to make money, it ought to be from commissions – this gives them incentive to market the work.

Has anyone had any GOOD experiences with art-selling websites? For instance, I’m hearing from crafters that Etsy is starting to work well for them. There must be a fine-art site somewhere that juries for quality art and then actually works to market and sell it…


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