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Someone recently emailed to suggest that we start a discussion regarding studio lighting. Since I LOVE getting suggestions for the blog, I’m on it! First, a photo of my own setup – it’s a second-floor room with the pitched eaves from being up under the roof. I have a pair of windows at either end (here, looking east), a bank of 6 fluorescents (the other 2 are directly overhead of me in this photo), and 2 of those “solartube” thingies that are like little round skylights (again, the other is directly overhead and out of sight in the photo). This gives me a fabulous mix of natural and artificial light that is bright and also fairly shadowless.

This room was a remodel, so I was able to specify this mix; having lived and worked in this room for 6+ years now, the only things I would change would be to add another bank of fluorescents on the west side, and build in task lighting low on the eaves (it’s dark towards the side walls). And I need some shades on the windows: at certain times of the year the sun comes directly in and onto my easel/display setup.


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