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Just a quick post this week, time crunched (agility last weekend in Spokane – we finished Suka’s Excellent Jumpers title – and travel for a commission over the next few days)…but wanted to share some terrific online art resources that I’ve discovered lately. Then again, maybe everyone already knew about these except me.

Art Scuttlebutt ( – run by the ArtCalendar folks. While it offers many of the features of the magazine, what is especially useful: a search mechanism that lets you check on shows, galleries, etc to see what other artists have experienced. I used the feature just this week when I received an out-of-the-blue gallery invitation from a NY gallery I’d never heard of. Turns out the gallery is a “pay to play” arrangement, though they don’t mention that in the email solicitation – but plenty of other ArtScuttlebutt artists had experience and advice about them.

Wet Canvas ( – a forum with gazillions of artists posting about their work in a huge variety of categories. Worth a browse for ideas or techniques.

Empty Easel ( – this gets my enthusiastic vote for one of the most useful art-oriented sites on the web. Besides how-to and review articles, it has an incredible wealth of information about selling art online. I can’t even begin to touch on the range of topics covered at EE, so I won’t. Go check it out – it’s worth it.

What other good artsites are out there?


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