Does anyone else get these emails from Kennedy Publishing?

Dear Julie Chapman,
As you may know from our previous emails we visited your website and are extremely impressed with your body of work. Our new Best Of Books have been a wonderful success featuring some of the most oustanding artists from around the world.

Our Best of Worldwide Genre art book competitions are coming up. Figurative / Portrait, Landscape, Still Life, Animal and Abstract. We would be honored to include you in one of them.

If you decide to enter you are guaranteed a Two Page Full Color Layout of your artwork (a total of 2-4 images) along with your contact information and/or gallery Representation, plus more.

The book does require an entry form and the $55 entry fee, which allows you to submit up to 10 images. You will receive two preview proofs of your pages, a jpg followed by a full color paper proof.


I think I once did a little poking around on the web to see if these folks were legit, and it didn’t seem like their books were carried in any ‘real’ bookstore (brick’n'mortar, Amazon, anyplace I’d like to buy a book), nor is it clear how many galleries and museums get these. They mention “470 collectors” on their mailing list, which didn’t overwhelm me (based on the number I have on my own mailing list), nor can I recall having seen this book advertised anywhere. Has anyone else seen the books?

I’d also like a little more clarity on what they mean by “our books…have been a wonderful success…”. Call my cynical, but I’ve worked as an engineer and in marketing long enough to question this sort of thing.

Or am I missing out on a cool opportunity by not sending the Kennedy folks $55 and some images? One question I had was whether there were further fees if my images were accepted to whatever book – unclear.

Whatchall think?

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  1. Jim Bortz says:

    You sound a lot like me, Julie. I always approach these sort of things with my guard up… especially when they are not clear on the specifics (like additional fees). Though I’ve not recieved an email from the Kennedy people, it sounds like a big ol’ scam to me.

  2. Marti Millington says:

    I think I’m with Jim on this one – no one is going to give you a 2 page full color spread in a book for a $55 entry fee just to circulate it to 470 some “collectors”. Consider this – a half page full color ad in the classified section of a hunting magazine will run $1200 to $1600 and reach a LOT more “collectors.” I’d love to see what “rights of distribution” that ad will get THEM! Can you say “ebay”??? ‘nuf said.

  3. Larry Jewett says:

    My guess is that the “collectors” of these books are largely the friends and family of the artists in the book.

    I posted a couple poems on a poetry website once and got something from the people operating the site that offered basically the same deal.

    They make it sound like they are interested in your stuff but what they are really interested in is your money.

    Same as it ever was. :)

    The unfortunate thing is that the people who are most likely to fall for this ‘scheme” (I hesitate to call it a ‘scam” because technically, it is not. Even the people who buy the book are actually getting something for their dollar, albeit at a high price) are those who want someone to tell them their stuff is good (even if it is not).

  4. Susan Fox says:

    Kelly Singleton made the cover of the pastel art book last year. I checked them out with her and she said they are legit and were good to work with. Debra Trent made the back cover of Best of America Oil Artists, Vol. 2 L-Z. Craig Kosak is in Vol. 1 A-J.

    Don’t know about distribution, but they do appear to have books that you can order from the website. The quality of the included artists looks good.

    I sent in some images for the animal art competition. Still waiting to hear from them. I’ll try to remember to post here when I do. I’m considering it as a national juried show that I don’t have to send physical art to. I can list them in my resume and get a book to show people if I want. Publication = legitimacy in a lot of people’s minds.

    John Banovich told us at a workshop, when asked about entering juried competitions and picking which ones to try for that he thought we should “pick shows that put out nice color catalogs that stay around forever.” So I evaluated them through this lens after checking them out.

    This didn’t strike me as being that different a deal from those wildlife art books that Northlight was putting out some years ago, although I don’t know if the artists had to front any money for those.

    In any case, even though there is iffy stuff out there, it makes no sense to me to dismiss something like this out of hand. We all need to be creative in out marketing these days. At least the website’s text is in correct English prose ;0).

    I also liked that they only require rights for the book and the internet for the purposes of publicity. Unlike the people who publish Artist’s Magazine and Southwest Art. The fine print for their competitions states that by entering you grant them total, non-exclusive rights to your art entry FOREVER, in whatever media they chose to use the images in. And that isn’t a scam?

  5. Sandra Blair says:

    Hi Julie. I was invited to participate in the Best of America Watermedia Artists. I noticed that Mort Solberg had participated in these books several times so I figured it couldn’t be too much of a scam. I too viewed it as self-promotion and a resume point and submitted my work. Like Susan said, for a lot of folks, publication = legitimacy, whether it is in books or magazines. But with your galleries and collector base, I don’t think this book will get you any more exposure than you already have.

    The only additional fee I incurred was $4.00 was for a paper proof, though they said they were planning to include that in future entry fees. As far as “collectors” of these books, I agree that they are the artists and their familys and I have found no other sources for buying this book except direct from the publisher. I guess they are operating more of a “vanity press” than a book for stores and the general public.

    Hope this helps! By the way, just wanted to say that I LOVE your scratchboard dogs!

  6. Susan Fox says:

    I dropped them an email today about my entries, apparently managing to garble the dates due to attempted multi-tasking. I heard back within an hour with a satisfactory response that included the correct dates for things.

  7. Julie Chapman says:

    Susan, Sandra – thank you for posting your viewpoints and experiences with these folks! Your comments were reassuring. I had to chuckle at Banovich’s comment about entering shows with “nice color catalogs”. But a nice catalog is definitely impressive to show, and there is an air of legitimacy that comes from that.

    However, I have a shelf full of such catalogs…don’t need yet more, unless they have a good audience of collectors, museums, and galleries. Undecided.

    Sandra, thanks for the kind comment on the scratchboard dogs! I am just enthralled with this new medium. My piece for the sketch portion of the Western Visions show will be a scratchboard. :-)

  8. Marti Millington says:

    Did a little sleuthing, folks about this “enterprise”. While you may get your work in their “book”, I think their main income comes from their “internet artists portal”.

    Here’s a link to their online explanation:

    You may also want to peruse their website and see the artists represented.

  9. Susan Fox says:

    Yes, the portal seems to be one thing they offer, among others. If that’s their main source of income, I don’t see why that would be a problem. It makes sense, actually, since “real” books are a high overhead item.

    See above comments from myself and Sandra for names of artists who have or are patronizing them.

    Why do you seem to feel so strongly that they are scammers? What should they be doing instead? I’ve seen no representations about any particular distribution or buyer demographics.

    This appears to be a somewhat new and growing endeavor. They seem to be offering quite a few avenues for artists to participate with them and on their site. Some kind of jurying is, I believe, entirely appropriate, as are fees high enough to weed out the less serious.

  10. Marti Millington says:

    Susan – just being cautious – remember Gervais? Once shot – twice shy! My last post was not meant to be taken as you apparently took it (perhaps I worded it wrong). Actually, I was providing a link to yet another marketing tool they offer – I don’t know if it is related to the books. I looked through the art they have published – it is quality art – and I recognized some of the artists.

    “I’ve seen no representations about any particular distribution or buyer demographics.” Frankly, if they provided this, it would answer a lot of questions. So why aren’t they?

    As for the artists mentioned above who have participated and those who have posted here – I checked out the “participating artists” and “featured artists” on Gervais’ website too – some very well known and respected artists. We all know how THAT turned out.

  11. Susan Fox says:

    Too true.

  12. Marti Millington says:

    To those of you who need another marketing outlet, may I suggest you add your art to Southwest Art Magazine’s online artist portal, or Western Art and Architecture’s online artist portal or Wildlife Art Journal’s Gallery of the Commons – all FREE.

  13. Gordana Curgus says:

    Hi All,
    I have just received an invitation for “The Best Of Worldwide Portrait & Figurative Artists Volume I Book”, with the similar text as posted above. They named few titles of my paintings from my website, and are asking for $50 fee. I google them and this blog came up. It looks as that they have found my name and my web info from I’m guessing that all of the artists here received this invitation. I’m an emerging artist from US, the invitation is tempting, but the books are not offered in any legitimate book store,
    so … for me, I’m not participating.

  14. Rebecca Zook says:

    Well here’s my experience so far…
    I was ‘chosen’ to be included in the Watermedia Vol 2 book and was told a proof would coming my direction in Nov 2009. After I contacted them several times, I finally got a proof around January/February 2010. Since then, I have been given 4 different ship dates for the actual printed book. The last one being at the end of July 2010. Last night I have a phone message saying I have been chosen for the back cover and to please call. I haven’t. Today I get an e-mail stating the book can now be previewed online, but clicking on the links only results in a PAGE NOT FOUND message.

    While all this has been going on, my art dept. (I work as a graphic designer) has produced four catalogs with more than 1,000 page each, 4 small catalogs and P.O.P., ads, package design and so on…if I missed a deadline as badly as this publishing company has, I’d be out of a job…and I e-mailed them and told them so.

    Is feeling like a scam…

  15. Debbie Robinson says:

    Hi Julie,

    I’ve had the same experience as Rebecca. I was contacted on the 29th of July 2009 to participate in the Best of Mixed Media and one year later there is still no book! Fortunately it only cost me $40. Today, I recieved an email that the book can be previewed online but the link results in a PAGE NOT FOUND MESSAGE. I’ve also had an email asking me how many copies of the book I wish to purchase but I’m worried about spending more money on a book that may never be published.


  16. Susan Fox says:

    Thanks for those comments, Rebecca and Debbie. They may have started out well, but it’s possible they were hit by the recession and are barely afloat now. Based on your comments I will not deal with them.

  17. Lorna says:

    I got caught with such a thing about poetry once. Did a bit of research but obviously not enough. It turned out in the end that they had a book of poems and when you paid the fee they put a page in, the first when you opened the book, of your poem. From online reports since lots of people got theirs in the same position too, the first page. People need to get a life and stop tricking money out of others. Its a miserable way to spend your day…being rotten and tricking others, but what goes round comes round.
    I am much more careful nowadays.
    I entered a photography competition a couple of years back too and now they keep on sending me messages telling me they are going to publish the photo in this or that publication and that I can buy a copy for this amount. I have duly warned them they dont have the right to publish.
    It’s a mean world out there.
    Best of luck my friend.

  18. Matt Bialer says:

    I think Kennedy Publishing are Ok. I am a watercolor artist and my work is featured in Best of America Watermedia II. It all depends on what you want. I am also a literary agent in book publishing in New York (as my living) and I know a scam when I see one. These guys aren’t scamming. Believe me, their entry fee hardly pays the bills. It would not be a smart scam if this was what it was all about. I think their intentions are pure. Do they want to make money? Sure. But they are not making a ton of money here, trust me. They’re nice people when you talk to them. The economy sucks…so I am sure it is a struggle. 50 bucks for a full color two page spread is pretty good. I have also seen them turn people down. They go for diversity which some of the other publishers do not do enough of. My work is also going to be featured in a Worldwide Landscape book of theirs. Think of it this way: They have people searching websites for work. Then they have designers who work really hard on these books and they look pretty handsome. I wouldn’t overthink this one. I am proud to be in that watermedia book and, no, I am not on on their payroll. I don’t see the big rip off here.

  19. Sandy Askey-Adams says:

    I have read thru the comments about Kennedy Publishing and I find them to be honest, hard working people running an art-related business…and I might also add…one that cares about its artists. One of the people running the business is also a very excellent artist, Renee Kennedy. I have always found that I can usually trust a fellow artist/peer.
    They do search out and jury artists works, so it would be and is an honor to be included in one of their books. The fee is so low and you get much back.
    I was in the “Best of America – Pastel Artists” book last year and it was a very professional & impressive looking book. When my clients saw the book, they wanted them and were willing to pay to have one. They felt the cost was fair.
    My work will now be included also in one of their their latest books coming out, “Best of Worldwide -Landscape Artists.” As a matter of fact, just this week, they sent me a review of the soon to be released book.
    They are kind caring people. :) There is only good to be found working with them.

  20. Matt Bialer says:

    Sandy, I will be in the Best of Worldwide – Landscape Artists” book too. Anyway, I am a member of the Brooklyn Watercolor Society and they only asked a few to submit work. Three, to be exact…out of a group of 45 or so. Anyway, if you are invited…go for it folks.

  21. Karen says:

    I happened to stumble upon this. Thought I’d chime in. I am a collector and have been buying the Best Of books from Kennedy Publishing since their first book – the Best of Virginia, 2005. The content was wonderful, the quality was good not great and it was smaller than I hoped. I’ve continued buying their books and everything about what they are doing has improved. I have all of their books from this year – the Worldwide Charcoal, Pastel and Pencil, American Glass and Worldwide Watermedia books are exceptional. Many of them sit on my coffee table in my library.

    I have been introduced to wonderful artists that I would not have known about — Gulay Berryman, Ron Powell, Pat Averill, Helena Hugo, Lyn Diefenbach – Yuroz – he’s been invited to paint the image of a Saint Canonized by the Pope and so many others — that is one of the major reasons I love their books. I’m in Barnes and Noble & Books A Million all the time – the art section is shrinking and unless the artists are dead I can’t recall seeing a book that had a lot of outstanding living artists in one book.

    I’m not an artist – so I can’t comment on what it takes for artists to get their works noticed and bought, but the quality of the books and quality of the artists featured in them is quite wonderful — Oh by the way why not read what the artists featured in them have to say —

    I’m just one voice but when you have a company that is trying to promote day to day artists shouldn’t that be something that we support and celebrate? Of course they’re trying to make money — aren’t we all? Their books are a tad expensive but they print in the US and present outstanding artists who I would rarely see in books.

    Sorry for the rant -

  22. Diane M Anderson says:

    I get dozens of these”great offers and opportunities” Some are in foreign languages offering the “chance” for my work to be seen in their country.
    Some might be real but how do you decide without a lot of legwork. I figure if they got my name off my website and like the work that much I am worth a phone call!! it seems that the money is the important thing to them.
    I just press delete and block sender.

  23. Marcel says:

    Dianne — I get a lot of offers too – I have to laugh – if you got a phone call – wouldn’t you just pass it off as a telemarketer? I get tons of those too. If you’re tying to promote your work it is ALWAYS legwork. Nothing is free.

    I checked out best of artists – they’re books – the artists in them – I’d like a phone call/email from them. Quite nice. Life is an adventure – check out every opportunity. You never know.

  24. James J Riley says:

    It seems to be difficult to get an answer about the publication of this book or not. What is the answer?

  25. XJ Yan says:

    I was included in the scultpture volume I. In January, they emailed me of the link to order the books. After I paid, they told me that the books haven’t been printed until April. And now they don’t return my emails and my phone calls. It’s a scam!

  26. Nancy D. says:

    These folks will not return emails and phone calls. They were supposed to send me a book I paid for in November 2010 and promised it by early May/June 2011. No book!

  27. Deborah Weir says:

    I was recruited by them 3 days ago for their Mixed Media book, sent them some questions and have heard nothing back. Two of the links in the query they sent me are dead and their phone number is a “not in service” recording. I think we’ve been scammed!! But why are Blick’s and Jerry’s logos all over their stuff? Confusing.

  28. Deborah Weir says:

    I just got through to them and actually they sound totally legit. We’ll see.

  29. Susan Bloch says:

    I’ve been in two of their Best of Glass books: Best of California, and Best of US. with a tied for 2nd place in one of them. I didn’t have any problems with them. They answered all e-mails. I received proofs. They were always responsive. They were a little late on some things. Recently I received an invitation for the Best of Glass World-Wide. I was looking at reviews to see how things stand. A lot of organizations, galleries, co-ops, etc. are having trouble now in this economy. I’m considering doing it, but haven’t decided for sure. I know we all get a lot of promotional e-mails that require payment. Sometimes it’s hard to determine what is worthwhile. Basically, I think their hearts are in the right place.

  30. Rachel says:

    I’ve been painting for 7 years – in my 20′s – had a few shows – exhibited a little. Submitted my work as an open call in Oil. I wasn’t accepted but a man by the name of Henry Joseph spent almost half an hour talking to me about my work – life. I was dissapointed that I wasn’t included but here was someone willing to talk to me about my work. I thought that was cool. I submitted to artists magazine and I got nothing. So it’s hard to tell.

  31. Christine Atkins says:

    My work has been selected for several of their books. All but two have come sucessfully and the others will come in due time. Sure, they are a bit slow to respond to emails but I think they are a “mum & dad” operation running on a shoestring. With a family run business, deadlines do tend to slip a little bit, but they are good people. Kennedy himself has rung me a couple of times to sort out small problems. To ring Australia you have to ring near midnight so as to get us in the daytime. Each time he’s done that. Is that service or what! Its no scam.

  32. Judith G. Smith says:

    They are not a scam per se, but the books are only good for gifts to friends and family of the artist. I have been in several “Best of Pastel editions and have chatted amiably with James on the telephone. However, they contacted me to appear in their collectors edition online and asked for $169 from 13 artists. I was scheduled for February and it never happened. I asked them why and they said I was scheduled for May. Nothing has happened yet. More money into the cyberspace of art parasitism. Go for it if you like to see your work printed onglossy paper, but don’t expect it to bring sales.

  33. jason haber says:

    scam or not, I don’t see anyone saying this helped get a sale or a gallery show. promo is hard enough without these posers feeding off your means.

  34. Gary says:

    In terms of Best of Artists – been in one of their Worldwide books – absolutely great book – I didn’t get any direct sales but had collectors contact me. Can’t ask for more. As a glass artist it’s nice to get promo on a worldwide level — I don’t know of another publicatiion like it.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    I stumbled on your site while researching this topic. I got an email offering me space in best of jewelry artists and wanted to find out if it w a scam. I get offers from other sources and very rarely bite.
    Your site has answered my questions and I am grateful as I will pass for now for 2 reasons…. The operation seems legit but tardy. Secondly it doesn’t sound like many have secured further sales or even exposure from the books. So for now I am going to keep my $55 in my pocket.
    Thank you again!! great blog….. Mine is if you would like to check it out. :o )

  36. Christine says:

    Comments #35 and onward, with the sole exception of #42, and of course this one, are all generic comment spam and really need to be deleted. The discussion up to that point was interesting and useful.

    Since you are using WordPress, all you need to do is activate the Akismet plugin which comes bundled with the WordPress installations and I assume is also available to blogs posted through WordPress. The plugin is written by them. It catches at least 40 spam comments every day for me, often more. Saves me a ton of frustration and irritation.

    Info from the wordpress site:

    Research comment spam on google for more info. There is just no reason to undermine useful information with this garbage.

    By the way, I am deliberately NOT including my blog link because I don’t want to spam your site. Good luck. Comment spam is a huge frustration and time-suck without automated screening!

  37. Barbara Hanson says:

    Well, if it’s a scam, I’ve just been taken. I’m going to be in the Best of America’s Landscape Paintings Volume I. For 40 bucks, it’s a pretty cheap scam. I did buy a a couple of books or so — hopefully, I receive them. I really find it hard to believe they are a scam. Now a couple of New York galleries in the supposed prestigious Chelsea District have contacted me about my work, and they wanted 4K for a promotion fee and 75 percent commission – now that’s a scam!

  38. Julie Chapman says:

    Turns out I am using Akismet, and it still ain’t catchin’ all the crap…sadly.

  39. Julie Chapman says:

    Be sure to tell us how this turns out, since there’s been such a mixed bag of experience here…

  40. Vadim says:

    I also was caught with the book promises last year 2011. I have been waiting almost a year for that book from Kennedy Publishing and the ad in American Art Collector magazine as they promised. They ask for your money first and then you have to wait. I asked them to return my money, but no answer, no money.

  41. Irina Sztukowski says:


    Three of my paintings were included in Best Of Worldwide Watermedia Vol II; and even though the publishing was delayed for several months I still hope to receive the catalog soon.
    I had no trouble in communication with Matthew R. Joyner at he has excellent customer service skills.


  42. Jane McCreary says:

    Well I bit and sent them money and they did sent me several proofs of the two pages showing my work. This was The Best of Artisrts World Wide Charcole, Pastel and Pencil Vol. II Supposedly to be out in 2011. Of of my friends did receive a book Vol. 1 in 2010 with her work in it but it is now Sept. 2012–so guess what no book. Bah humbug.

  43. Billy-Jack milligan says:

    Just got an offer again today… delay is because they are still recruiting?

  44. Thomas Crannell says:

    Have you ever considered writing an ebook or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based upon on the same topics you discuss and would love to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would enjoy your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

  45. Linda Elliott says:

    I was “invited” to submit images for consideration for their “Best of America Oil Artists – Volume III”. The whole procedure seemed to be okay, including sending my images, getting “chosen” for the book, getting a proof, etc. In the beginning they seemed quite professional and legitimate but as soon as I ordered eleven books and paid almost $500 for them, things went downhill. I ordered eleven hard cover copies on the advice of a friend. I had great reservations but decided to go for it. Well, I ordered the books on 9-16-11 and my Visa was charged the next day. It is now 12-19-12 (a year and three months) and I still haven’t received any books in spite of several emails and phone calls. Only one of my phone calls was returned by James Kennedy and he told me to call Henry Joseph in the “Fulfillment Department” and if I got no response, I should call Kennedy back the next day. I called Mr. Joseph, got no response. Then I called Kennedy, left a message and never heard back from him either. Now, everything I do (phone calls or emails) I get absolutely no response. Today, I emailed Kennedy and got an “unknown address” error message. I have been ripped off for $500. I should have listened to my own best instincts and not listened to my friend. My advice is: don’t get involved with these rip-off artists!!!!

  46. Willem Heyneker says:

    I have been ripped off to the tune of $240.00 come in sucker.

  47. Deborah Weir says:

    Been waiting about 10 months for the Mixed Media book and they are NOT available though like others here Kennedy sent proofs and dialoged with me along the way. Why do they go to so much work and make pages which can be seen online and then no follow through??? Too weird. Has anyone (artists) ever actually seen a hard copy other than the couple of shills (their responses are too long and too conciliatory to be believable) who responded above??? This is the most labor intensive rip off I’ve ever seen.

  48. joni says:

    It IS a scam….maybe once legitamate but no more. Took my money and no book no refund. You can’t contact them either. I have tried numerous times. BEWARE!!

  49. Wayne says:

    I, too, have been ripped off by these people. Please file a complaint with the Virginia Attorney General’s office if you have lost money:

  50. Melinda says:

    I was approached in 2012, sent my entry fee and received a proof in the fall and an email saying they were running late. In October I received numerous calls to purchase the “book” and then NOTHING. Now their emails don’t work, they don’t return calls and there is an out of business site online for Kennedy Publishing. I filed a claim (thanks Wayne) and was told there was no response from the company. They probably fell on hard times and shut it down, taking our money and images with them. Who knows for sure but I’ll never respond to one of these again. Sorry to all of you who also lost $. It’s hard enough for artists these days and RUDE of the Kennedy’s. Boycott Rene’s work and blog about them as much as you can.

  51. mindy says:

    I was in a few books years ago.
    So I put sculpture in a new hardcover, should have been received by now.
    I received a nice proof too. I have been looking for the two (thank goodness only two books) I was supposed to be in. They have declared Bankruptcy!!!! So my $$ is gone.
    If they had any class they would have contacted people. I think a good lawyer could put together a class action suit. Enough people sent them a lot of money!!!

    I looked for them on FB, guess they don’t dare go there. We can warn others and put their names out there to bewared of….

  52. Margaret Jamison says:

    I too thought they were legit. I did receive the Best of Artist’s Oil Painters and signed up for the “Best of the Best”, paid for 3 books, approved the images, then nothing. Requests for information were never answered. Feel they could have communicated a problem. Thanks to Wayne I will file a complaint and hope Mindy is right and some Lawyer decides to put together a class-action suit.

  53. Karen says says:

    I was solicited to put images into the Best of the World Still Lifes,and then was told they couldn’t find enough good artists but if I wanted to go into their Best of Worldwide Artists I could. I thought how could there not be enough artists but was so thrilled that I was invited to be in it, I ignored the red flags. I was embarassed by the title but it was an ego boost. So, I have subsequently lost about $500.. Their pressure tactics to pre-order & the high cost of the books & the way they were to be distributed should’ve been a big tip off.

    Then James Kennedy tried to flatter me by trying to get me to sign up for their new website. The price quote kept dropping when I resisted. I got to the point that I felt harassed by him that he finally declined. Thank goodness as a lot more money would have gone down the drain.

    When I didn’t receive my books & checked their website for Kennedy Publishing & found that they were no longer in business, Jame’s cell # was not in service & the gallery he kept referring to I could not locate on Google. According to the above comments they had a LOT of books on the go & it makes me think that they knew what was ahead & decided to shore up their losses.

    As much as they said that it was not Vanity Press that is exactly what it was!

  54. Marco M O says:

    I was supposed to be in the Glass book . After checking with one of their sponsors to check validity ( Blick art supplies , where I buy lots of art supply ) I send the fee of $ 55
    Misty and I exchanged e-mails about size etc and later they send proofs of how the
    images were supposed to appear.
    That was the last I heard. I called James Kennedy how to order a book , but no reply.
    I checked their address best of artist . com , looked under glass book and did find
    pages of glass , but not my name. I wrote many e-mails and a different person replied
    that he did not know what I was talking about.
    I did ask if I had fallen to a ‘shark attack , but no reply .
    I think it very low to misuse artist weakness: sale and how to deal with sharks.

  55. E von Isser says:

    I too did the research, felt that there was enough ‘legit’ comments to give it a go, and am now out almost $600. I was invited to be in their Best of Artists-Acrylic vol. I. I thought the $55 fee was reasonable for a proof. I was selected to be on the cover as well as my two page spread and saw the proofs which looked terrific. I decided to purchase 12 or 13 copies (I can’t remember now) to give as gifts to my most serious collectors (those who had purchased 2 or more originals) and gave them (Kennedy publishing) almost $600. That was approximately 1-1/2 years ago. Same sad story as the previous posts. Phone calls from Kennedy publishing assuring me that publication was within 6-8 weeks – multiple times… And now nothing. No website, no working phones or emails. Dang. I feel like a dope. Thanks for the link to file a complaint with the VA attorney general. If there’s a class action law suit… Sign me up.

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