I wouldna thunk it, but I’m in the pet portrait biz. I mean, OK, I’ve done commissioned portraits (mostly horse, some dog, even a couple cats) over the years, in oil or pastel…but here I’ve jumped in with both feet to something new. Even set up a new website.

Why? because it’s so damn much FUN. The scratchboard work has drama and mystery in it that doesn’t come with any other medium. I’m personally fascinated by watching an image emerge from the black surface. Once I get rolling, it can be hard to stop! but of course there’s no going back on a scratchboard, so I hafta be crazy careful about each mark I make since it can’t really be undone.

The other reason is that it’s gratifying beyond description to hear the client reaction. People love the results!! The jolt of happy stuff that comes with your client raving about your work just can’t be beat – and it’s one thing the artist often doesn’t get from gallery sales, since we’re a level removed from talking to the client when the sale actually happens (unless it’s from a museum show or opening we’re attending).

Anyway – new website at www.artfulk9.com. Another new scratchboard below.


8 Responses to “Dog Portraits”
  1. Marti Millington says:

    Julie you are truly versatile! You definitely know how to capture the essence of each different animal. I checked out your new website. I can tell from each one, what the dog is like! Do these go faster than a painting?

    Congratulations on your new venture! Reading between the lines, your post was full of enthusiam – as in renewed promise of better things to come! Certainly lifted my spirits as well!

  2. Julie Chapman says:

    Marti, thank you so much for the very kind compliments. I’m not sure if these go any faster than a painting, since it takes time (and caution) to establish values in an area – one swipe of a paintbrush can accomplish what might need 5 minutes of linework.

    The funny thing is, of course, I like to abstract stuff; my paintings are full of abstracted backgrounds and looser paint application. So whassup with these tight drawings, then?? I think the abstraction here is two-fold:
    1. color becomes B/W, so more is left to the viewer’s imagination to interpret values
    2. a lot of edges are lost, as well as shadow detail
    ….both of which create more drama and mood (IMHO, of course).
    Not to mention, I LOVE to draw, and here’s a really beautiful, unusual way to do it.

    Let’s hope – for both of us – that those better things do start coming. Doing these scratchboards has lifted my artistic spirits a lot.

  3. Ellen Calnan says:

    I own and love the beautiful Rottweiler shown here — CH Farpoint’s Celtic Celebration RN AXP MJP OFP “Ceilidh” (aka “Miss C”). Julie did an absolutely incredible job of capturing my beloved Miss’ spirit, humor and soul, let alone her beauty, and I will treasure this piece. Thank you, Julie! I’m so proud that my Miss is one of your first scratchboard commissions.

  4. Julie Chapman says:

    Ellen, thank you for the very kind comments! I gotta say, doing these scratchboards is one of the most rewarding artistic endeavors ever, mainly because the collectors are so thrilled with the results, and I get to hear that firsthand. A lotta juice in that for me!

  5. Diana Marshall says:

    This piece is so beautiful, I am in awe of your wonderful talent.

  6. Nancy Puc says:

    Hello. I really like you dog portraits, they are quite nice and simple. Would you recommend scratch board work for me on an project? I haven’t done this type of art before.

    I am an artist myself but i have not done too many commissioned works so i wanted some advice on that. It is hard for me to part from my drawings unless they are to people i know will take good care of them.
    My sister wants me to to a family portrait of our animals…all TOGETHER. It can be tricky and i know i will use references. I have to draw a guinea pig, two rabbits, two different types of pigeons and a parrot. I don’t draw animals too often and if i do they are mostly birds.

    It is hard for me to do realistic pictures. My style is fantasy oriented and when i do try to draw animals they come out cartoony. I also have a hard time making them not look cute.

    Also i am not too good with backgrounds so i will probably leave it blank but if if i was to make one, any ideas on what i can add? I have a hard time with colors so i will more likely just use graphite pencils to color them.

  7. draw animals says:

    a ver nice portrait

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