(Thank you to Marti for the kind comment about “missing me” :-) . I’ve been trying to juggle the full-time job thing along with my art, and the latter is definitely suffering; I’m falling behind on commitments and exhibition deadlines. Really sucks. It doesn’t help that we’re in the fast’n'furious part of agility season right now, which will soon subside.

News since I last posted eons ago: I am the current State of Montana Treasured Artist, which is a damn nice honor. Funny thing – I think getting juried/invited into big national shows like OPA, Western Visions, and so on are a much bigger deal, but so far for folks around here the Treasured Artist thing is more special. Go figure.

I also gave a lecture on my work the other night (“From the Field to the Gallery: the Journey of a Wildlife Painting”) to a local wildlife group, which was well received and thoroughly fun, and had about 5 times more attendance than their lectures usually get. Those of you who have been to my workshops would have recognized the 5 minutes I devoted to getting everyone educated on the foundation elements to a piece of art, and the subsequent critique practices we did. These lectures are only supposed to last an hour, and we finally had to kick everyone out after two hours of slides, questions, and demos. I highly recommend doing this kind of thing to get your name and work out there….plus, for most people, art is this Mysterious Thing that special talented people due in some secret location, probably involving incantations and byzantine rites.

Lastly, I’ve started playing around with scratchboard – something I haven’t used in a bazillion years – and WOW the boards available nowadays are nice!! I’ve started selling dog portrait commissions in scratchboard. The moody, dramatic nature of the medium is unlike any other. This is an 8″x8″ of my black sable GSD, Suka.


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  1. Jim Bortz says:

    Jeez Julie… I’d about given up on you. Glad you’re back and I hope you find time to blog more often. Marti isn’t the only one that misses you.

  2. Julie Chapman says:

    Jim, thank you – and my most humble apologies to you, Marti, and anyone else who has missed me. I’ve missed the interaction with all of you!

    I also have not been my usual cheery, positive self about…well…life, the universe, and art. And I really didn’t wish to flog everyone else with that, because that’s not how I view myself, and *certainly* not how I want to interact with others.

    Some of it is that I’m just not getting to do art NEARLY as much as I want, and previous life experience has taught me that “all work and no art makes Julie crazy” (insert obligatory scene from ‘The Shining’ here).

  3. Marti Millington says:

    Julie! So glad to hear from you! Congrats on your recent honor – and I’m not surprised! And I feel your pain! Having gone back to work in January, my art and my attitude are suffering right along with you. I just finished my second piece in 5 months! These two paintings should have been done much, much sooner! But 8-4:30, 5 days/week with only weekends and evenings to paint and sometimes I am just too pooped to paint and grocery shopping and house cleaning and dealing with my adult CHILDREN (and I mean that literally!) is about to drive me to distraction. Thankfully, I do have my ART to escape into! Without it, my story could be told in a novel “Diary of a Very MAD Irish woman!” But, honestly – sometimes it helps to just blow off steam – we will all understand! PS…LOVE the scratchboard!

  4. Angeline-Marie says:

    I have missed you, too!!! I also understand what you juggle! Marti, you, too, but I don’t have children, LOL.

    I have a full time job and my fiance and my mother…and other family members. I, too, struggle with being able to create, enter shows and exhibits, blog, market, etc.

    Remember this: YOU are WONDERFUL and your art is AWESOME. You do MANY THINGS – don’t beat yourself up if you choose to enjoy your porch instead of keep up with (fill in the blank).

    I, for one, am glad YOU and your husband are alright. That you have less art work just means it is that much more valuable.

    LOTS of great memories and affection,

  5. Julie Chapman says:

    Marti, I so feel your pain too. No kids to worry about (THANK heavens), just dogs, and my husband is working to pick up the rest of the slack…but with 20 acres of woods and a house, there’s too much for one person to do. I’m chuckling at the “Very MAD Irish Woman” bit. I’ve been mad/sad off and on for a while. Making art, training my dogs, and the few minutes I get outside each day are all that’s keeping my sanity in some ragged semblance of intact.

    My wish for the rest of this year is for ALL of us who love to create to experience more success sharing it with the world.

  6. Marti Millington says:

    Amen to your wish! I know all of us who took up full time work again ACHE to go back to the art full time – it will come – though not as quickly as we would all like, I’m sure.

    FYI – the YOUNGEST of my 3 sons is 38! which is why I said “adult CHILDREN”! Which helps to make me that very MAD Irish woman! I’ve warned them all, just recently – by September I will have run away from home – leaving no forwarding address!

  7. Deborah Holzel says:

    Hi, Julie. I absolutely love your scratchboard work. It’s striking. Pet portraits can often be a little bland, but these are anything but. I’d love for you to post more.

    It’s been about two years now since I took your workshop. I think I’ve just about caught up on my sleep!

  8. Julie Chapman says:

    Deborah – Oh my, your comment made me laugh!! shhh, you’ll scare others away from the workshops ;-) . I’ll try to post more scratchboards soon. I’m surprised at how freakin’ addicting it is to make them!

  9. Julie Chapman says:

    Marti – ACHE is the right word. Deeply.

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