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…in the Gervais saga. Here’s a firsthand report from an artist who contacted me recently:

I was at last year’s show at the Holiday Inn in Missoula, MT. There was no advertising, not even a sign, until one of the artists’ husbands put one up. It was supposed to bennefit the Wildlife Film Festival with a reception for a couple hours. Nobody showed up except two film festival people. That Sunday was Mother’s Day so we had some traffic from the Mother’s Day brunch in the next room. At the time I thought he was just an inexperienced promoter but after talking to other artists at other shows I am starting to realize just how bad he is. Not one person who has done business with him has anything good to say about him. Looking at his web sites this year it looks like he is having it [the Missoula show] again but in one place it says it is at the fairgrounds. At another place it says the Holiday Inn. I wonder if he is using the tax exempt status of these non-profits for some sort of tax break for himself. By the way that is him on the MySpace page……..definitely!

I just learned today that the Missoula show that was to take place in a few weeks has been cancelled by Mr. Gervais; he has promised refunds to all the exhibiting artists. I sincerely hope the refunds materialize.

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