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Folks – here’s the latest on this. I emailed Mr. Gervais (he’d sent me an email thanking me for my original blog post) with:

Dear Christopher,
You might want to check on the responses to my blog entry about your magazine – there are some people who do not feel they have been dealt with fairly.

Since I’m a businessperson myself, I always like to make sure that I know how my clients and colleagues feel – and I like to do everything in my power to make things right, if there’s an issue.

Best regards,
Julie T. Chapman

This was his response:

Dear Julie:

I have not spoken to any of these people that have written on your blog. So the fact is not one has called and engaged in a conversation to me or my “Interns” since I have no intern. No such person called on Monday by the name of Lori Lemanski.

I will remind that you are legally responsible for any information that is posted on your website (as you are the owner) that is false. I have enough attorneys to consult on this matter. I will not permit false and misleading information to be spread about the magazine.

If your groupies want to be critical, do so to the former Wildlife Art that took everyone money when the ceased operations.

Western & Wildlife Art Magazine
The International Journal of Western, Wildlife Art & Conservation
Christopher J. Gervais, Editor & Publisher

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