So am I the last person on the planet to know that there’s now an online wildlife art magazine? I was surprised to receive an email from the editor/publisher about a week ago:

Dear Artists & Collectors:

The March/April Issue of Western & Wildlife Art Magazine is now available. Please note our new website address:

As in the past this leading publication of the wildlife art industry is available to you at no cost.


Western & Wildlife Art Magazine
The International Journal of Western, Wildlife Art & Conservation
Christopher J. Gervais, Editor & Publisher
P.O. Box 347
Ardmore, PA 19003

If you didn’t already know about it, then heck, I’ve done my good deed for the day.

A short post this time – off to the famous Freezeout Lake, on the Rocky Mountain Front, for the snow goose migration. I’ll report next week.

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  1. Susan Fox says:

    Never heard of this one, either. SAA sent out a link not long ago for an online wildlife art journal that Todd Wilkinson is doing, which looks VERY promising.

  2. Lori Lemanski says:

    I never heard of it either! With the demise of Wildlife Art mag, I only get Southwest Art and Art of the West…so this is exciting! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Lori Lemanski says:

    I just called to see about getting the magazine and was treated VERY ruding by the man on the phone…I asked to please subscribe to the magazine, and he said ‘it is on the web’and i said ‘is that all’….and he says’ IS THAT ALL???” and was very rude so i said I would complain. Well, he just called me back on my personal number saying that if I caomplain about them they will sue me…and he was a intern vounteering on the weekend and he does not represent the company until he gets paid ya da yada….so I am very unhappy for being treated so poorly, for just asking a question. I have never been treated this way by a company!

  4. Larry jewett says:

    if I complain about them they will sue me…

    yes, indeed, if nothing else does, that should help them gain a faithful following in the art world.

    “…he [said he]does not represent the company until he gets paid”

    I’d guess that as soon as the company President gets wind of this, he won’t have to worry too much about the getting paid part.

  5. Lori Lemanski says:

    Yes, I am still very upset about the way that I was treated…the editor will be getting a phone cal from me on Monday. I am sure that it is an excellent publication otherwise!

  6. Susan Fox says:

    Gervais, the editor, is the same guy who I’ve gotten mailers from to sign on for his wildlife art shows. Let’s just say that the presentation of the information didn’t inspire confidence (single xeroxed sheet of copy paper) and the magazine didn’t exactly blow me away. Wilkinson’s project looks to be much more a follow-on to good old Wildlife Art.

    Does anyone know who this guy is and what experience he has in the wildlife art world? Show? Galleries? Artist?

  7. Lori Lemanski says:

    Susan- could ou send me the link to Todd Wilkersons? His writing is so good- miss him from Wildlife Art mag.

  8. Julie Chapman says:

    Wow, Lori, it’s good to know your experience – sheez! there’s no call for treating ANYONE rudely. I didn’t know it was online only either – I’m surprised that the intern would have reacted the way he did. Susan, I have no data on Gervais except what’s here.

    And do please share where Todd’s new pub is; a cursory Google didn’t turn it up for me. I’m just back home from Freezeout – driving home was a bit hair-raising, since a spring blizzard descended on us – and catching up. Will post later this week about it.

  9. Susan Fox says:

    Still in the planning stages, I guess, but I liked what I saw. At least he knows who the established, respected artists are and I loved the profile on the Kerrs, who founded the National Museum of Wildlife Art. If you like what you see, let him know. He wants feedback.

  10. Larry jewett says:


    I wonder if you might do a short post “Request for ideas on Bailouts for Artists”:

    I’ll start it off:

    1) ten million for you
    2) ten for me
    3) ten for Susan
    4) another ten for me
    5) ten for Lori
    6) another ten for me

    what’s that? 60 million?

    How can one argue with that?

    That’s less than some of these wall street guys got in bonuses just last year.

    Ok, if it won’t fly in Congress, I’ll make a sacrifice. I’ll give back numbers 1, 3 and 5.

    PS on a more serious note, I think Obama should actually do something along the lines of what FDR did for the arts. It could make a real, lasting impact on this country not only i the near future but into the distant future as well.

    People do not remember Rome primarily because it ultimately “fell”. They remember it primarily because of the art and culture that it produced, which we can still enjoy to this very day.

    But, unfortunately, I realize that in the current climate, the arts are more likely to be cut than get addition funding…

    Sad, but true.

  11. Angie Cook says:

    Ok, so I hope I don’t get “sued” over this…….

    I found your wonderful Forum while searching for Christopher J. Gervais and Wildlife Art Shows.

    I agreed to do one of his Shows in Portland, Or. Sent in my app. and money and about 2 weeks before his show he canceled it. (I actually contacted him 2 weeks prior and asked what the deal was, when is set up times, etc. because I hadn’t heard anything) He promised me my refund ( $300.00 ) back and havn’t seen it. He tried explaining how “Small Businesses” are struggling yadayada… HELLO I’m a small business!! I’m an Artist!! Don’t you think I know that??!!

    I have heard bad things about him from fellow Artists too.

    I just wanted to let you guys know and most important let fellow Artist know.

    Well, off to go find an attorney….probably getting sued over this forum entery. :-)

    Kindest Regards,

  12. Julie Chapman says:

    Angie – I’d doubt you could get sued for simply relating your experience! I’m glad you shared it…and I’m glad that the Internet gives us all enormous resources for researching something like this. Your experience, and Susan’s, and Lori’s, are captured now for others searching on wildlife art. The only way small businesses (and sole proprietorships/entrepreneurs such as ourselves) will survive is if we give excellent service, with integrity. And it sounds as though not everyone realizes this.

    Larry – stay tuned for my April (Fools) Artzine tomorrow…

  13. Susan Fox says:

    Wish I could say I was surprised that he has screwed someone, but….not.

    Angie, my husband points out that if you mailed him a check from your state to him in another state, and he hasn’t refunded your money, then that’s mail fraud. Time to call the FBI ’cause I’ll bet you’re not the only one. Seriously.

    I SO believe in accountability. Stay in touch and let us know what happens. I have a lot of wildlife artist friends on Facebook that I may want to give a heads-up to.

  14. Susan Fox says:

    A further thought- click through to the show website, then on “Who We Support” and look at the list. How do you think Angie’s story would go down with them?

  15. Larry jewett says:


    My bet is you won’t get sued and that you will get your refund, probably with a request from them that you say as much here on this blog (which I’m sure you would probably do anyway).

    I just did a Google search on “Christopher J. Gervais wildlife art show”. It returned a link to their website as #1.

    Guess what showed up #2?

    This post.

  16. Angie Cook says:

    Thank You ALL!!

    Well, I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General of PA. Just waiting to hear back. I might head to the Attorney General of ORs website and file there.

    I would really like to reach people before they do what I did. So I’m spreading the word to other Artists and if you could do the same it would be appreciated.

    I have kept ALL my emails from this man so I have “proof” that he stated he would return my money.

    Yes, I will keep posting on this forum (if you don’t mind) and keep everyone updated.

    And….. Yes, I would like to see my refund returned, but most important have him stopped before he does this to anyone else.

    I have a Facebook account so please add me if you would like…. It’s under Angie Clark Cook.

    I hope everyone is having a great day!!

  17. Susan Fox says:

    Just added a link to this post on my Facebook page and, Angie, found you (horse head profile pic?) and sent a friend request.

  18. Susan Fox says:

    I am somewhat acquainted with a couple of the artists listed on his site as participating in his shows. Should I query them to see what they know? Julie? Angie?

  19. Lori Lemanski says:

    Wow….I never thought it would have grown to be so big…but I am glad that I am not alone in having issues with this organization. I am so sorry for all that you are going through Angie…he cannot sue you (just like his intern cannot sue me) for him refusing to refund your money. Is there anything in your contract that states ‘no refunds’ at all?
    PS I am on Facebook too and would love to be your ‘friend’!

  20. Susan Fox says:

    Angie, Lori is referring to you not me. She and I have been friends for awhile now on Facebook, courtesy of our collies, sort of.

  21. Angie Cook says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for the Facebook request!

    He state in an email to me… I quote… “You have my written notification that you will receive a 100% refund.”

    What I have found in my research is he will list a show on his website and when you go and check the website where it will be held ( like at a Cenference Center, Expo Center, etc) they will not have the show listed in their “Events” page.

    I have wondered about contacting the Artist’s listed on his website to inquire about him but did not feel comfortable because I do not know them.

    So Susan, if you are some what acquainted with these fellow Artist and feel comfortable in asking them I would think it would be ok.

    I have some Artist that I have down shows with that warned me about all the issues they have had with him. They state that he is a crook and to watch out. I wish I had met them before I agreed to doing his show, but after I spoke with them it was to late.

    Does anyone know how I would contact the FBI for mail fraud ( like Susan’s husband recommended)?

    Thank You guys so much for listening and helping me spread the word!!

    Talk to you soon!

  22. Kathy says:

    Go here:

    and you can look up the business credit reports of any listed business. Whether he’s listed or not, I don’t know. I did a search and got a Christopher C. Gervais in OR, but there may be other business names you guys might look under.

    I found out that folks like us can check the business credit of any gallery simply by paying $24.95 after (unfortunately) I lost 7 paintings and $5000+ in lost income to a gallery in NJ. This guy came highly recommended by a couple of other artists too, so don’t go by another artist’s experience…they guys count on us being out of state so we can’t really keep track of what’s sold, etc. But the credit report reveals all…if I had seen the NJ gallery’s credit report beforehand, I would have stayed waaaaay away.

    BTW, if you have the paperwork (contracts, letters, etc.) and you’re telling the truth, it’s not slander or libel no matter how upset the guy might get. The truth is the truth even if it’s painful or if they protest.

  23. Kathy says:

    Ah, here we go:

    Did a search on this guy in Ardmore, PA and came up with a listing for ‘Gervais Fine Art & Craft Show’. I’ll leave it up to you to spend the $24.95 for the report, but it’s a legitimate business expense and well worth the information, IMO. At least you’ll know for sure what you’re dealing with here.

  24. Angie Cook says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Thank You for the info…..

    Sorry about what happen to your paintings.

  25. Angie Cook says:

    Everyone needs to read this……….Make sure you read the whole thing……interesting info…..

  26. Angie Cook says:

    Thank You Julie for the use of your forum!! I very much appreciate it!


  27. Sandra Blair says:

    I’m just catching up on reading the blog and am soooooo glad I saw this posting. Since I too am in PA, I thought I might give these shows a try, at least the western venues. Whew! I wish all of you luck that lost money to this guy!

    Susan, you mentioned Todd Wilkerson…here is the link to the Wildlife Art Journal on the Western Art and Architecture magazine’s site. I really hope it takes off…we need good representation in the art world.

  28. Larry Jewett says:

    RE Artzine


    If the art thing goes south, you can always fall back on a career as an investment banker (or writing bills for Congress).

    You clearly know how to write a TFI (Twisted Financial Instrument):

    The FASB bonds are rated NK (“No Kidding”) and will pay out 12% interest, at least. You might even be able to recover some principal, if sufficient art sales occur during the 2-year term of these bonds, AND if enough investors come along later. However, payout to investors will only occur after reimbursement of expenses to the fund manager’s husband, and a 40% preferred return to participating gallery dealers. In the 10-sigma [Ed: this apparently means really, really, really unlikely] event that there IS any remaining capital, equity MAY be returned to investors, but only after any applicable taxes are paid.

    ** 10 sigma: “No need to worry about a return on your investment because there won’t be one. [But hey, what did you expect? Someone has to make a profit here.]“

  29. Julie Chapman says:

    Folks – please see today’s blog post (April 2) for the latest in this saga.

  30. Martisiq says:

    Hello – I too have been a victim of Mr. Gervais. He has refused to acknowledge a cancellation notice I have sent him; cancelled every show since Jan 09 (I was scheduled for Tucson) and has ignored my demands for refunds. When you speak to PA AG please post so I can join in the frey!

  31. Martisiq says:

    If you need more information (fuel for the stake burning) please contact me. He has me listed on his September show – 3 days after he received my cancellation notice. He is a perfect example of why I spent 44 years working for law firms!

  32. Angie Cook says:

    Martisiq -
    Thank You for the info. I would highly recommend that you contact the PA AG. The info is on their website along with the form.

    I will keep your info in my notes.

    You can contact me through my website

  33. Sallie A. Zydek says:

    Julie, Yes, I know about Mr Gervias, I was in one of his so called WildLife Art Shows last year. Not a good thing, there was suppose to be a Jazz & Wine Festival, plus a AKA Show. There was nothing but a few of us artists waiting for the rush of the 5000 plus views that were suppose to show up. Needless to say there were only family and friends who came to the show. Why? No advertising, seems Mr. Gervais left that up to the city or local artists to do the promoting. I’m just a little disinchanted I must say. I’m sure he’s going to berate me but oh well, it was not one of the better shows I’ve been in. As we all know, no people no sales. Lets hope he gets stopped. Sallie

  34. Anonymous says:

    I will never do business with this man. I checked out one of his shows a few years ago, promising an online art forum with an update of what I thought of the show. He approached me as I was walking around taking notes and said something along the lines of ‘I know where your children go to school’.

    Not a nice man.

  35. Julie Chapman says:

    Wow. Sort of…inconceivable. Well – at least it’s all getting aired out here…

  36. Carrie Cook says:

    Hmmm. Thanks for the post regarding new online art magazine. And at no cost. Which makes me wonder why I just paid $12 for a subscription to What can I say, I’m an impulse buyer.

    I’ll check out WesternWildlife as well, though sounds like some are disenchanted. WildlifeArtJournal seems like like a good deal–there’s also access to many articles w/out paying a fee. Thanks again for info!

  37. Todd Wilkinson says:

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks to Susan and Julie for helping to let people know that Wildlife Art Journal officially launched in early June 2009. We had been working for several months behind the scenes to build the architecture for the site and give it its own independent identity away from Western Art and Architecture. We hope you like it. Besides the regular feature well (intended to be image rich) and a few other elements of the magazine that will be emerging during the coming weeks, I just want to mention the section that we call Gallery of the Commons. It was born with the idea that artists will have a place to post works they’re excited about in front of their peers and collectors. Maybe you have a painting fresh off the easel or a piece freshly patinaed back from the foundry and you want to let people know about it. Send us a digital image and we’ll post it the next month. Include the url of your own website or the gallery representing your work. When readers click on your name, they’ll be taken to whatever destination you want. The point is that we want WAJ to be inclusionary and we want to foster a lively discussion. Very promising is the response we’ve also been getting from artists outside of North America. The link to WAJ is
    One more thing: If any of you want to sound off and write guest essays on a subject of your choosing, we welcome it. They will of course be subject to some editing (only slight tweaking promised!) and I pledge not to spoil anyone’s sterling prose. I hope you’re having a fine summer, so far. Todd Wilkinson, Editor of Wildlife Art Journal

  38. Julie Chapman says:

    Carrie, Wildlife Art Journal is Todd Wilkinson’s publication – he’s an outstanding writer and has written extensively for print and other magazines.

    Western & Wildlife Magazine is put out by Christopher Gervais, and there are quite a few posts and comments regarding Mr. Gervais here and elsewhere on the blog.

  39. Nancy Darling says:

    Hi All,
    As current editor of the SAA Newsletter I am wondering if one of you would write a blub about Gervais and email it to me for the newsletter.

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