I can’t help myself. Really, I can’t. When there are luscious, sinfully colorful oil paints left on my palette at the end of a week, and I have all this nice slick blinding-white yupo lying around … what the hell. It’s a license to spill (oils, that is) onto a slippery surface.

I hadn’t messed around with my bear material in a while, so pulled out a slide binder (it’s SO last century, sadly) and fired up the lightbox and started slathering paint with knife and large brush onto a little (10×10) square.

Even though it’s all in done in the name of experimentation and play, I rather like the result. This is your semi-occasional reminder to loosen up and PLAY, with no particular expectation of outcome.

2 Responses to “More Wild at Art”
  1. Carrie Wild says:

    I love it!

  2. Joe says:

    Great painting. Also great practice for keeping movement and freeness in your work.

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