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This popped up in my email spam folder today:

Welcome to the Oil Painting Studio.
We have been successfully working with fine art galleries and artists internationally for over a decade. Our museum quality realism is created by 25 of Chinese most skilled artists. Each artist has been formally trained and has received their degree from many of the finest art universities in China and abroad. Our artists have afforded our numerous clients, including art galleries, established artists, private parties and other interested individuals, the ability to increase their customer base, realize a much higher profit margin and acquire perfectly executed fine art oil paintings. We are presently working with galleries, fine artists, photographers, digital designers and private parties who are interested in realizing a faster way to create a highly lucrative environment by offering extremely high quality oil paintings at the most competitive pricing in the industry. [...etcetera...emphasis mine]

I’m speechless; I hardly know what to say to the proposition herein, never mind the errors of grammar. Are there actually artists who, like some big corporation, are “offshoring” the production of their paintings???

I thought art would be one of the great bastions of endeavor that couldn’t be mechanized or automated. Is this actually believable?

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