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The April Fool’s edition of the Artzine generated plenty of replies which kept me chuckling all day. Some of the best are shared here. (If you didn’t see the Artzine itself, it’s attached as the first reply to this post).

Dear Ms. Chapman,

You have defaced and violated one of my “Color of Light” Masterpieces. You will hear from legal team in the near, near future.

Sincerely, Thomas Kinkade, Master of what I do

P.S. Who did the bra belong to?
– Ernest F.

OMG. Drop the brush and RUN, do not walk, RUN AWAY from the Kinkade style. For the love of all that is good and right in this world!!
– Ellen C.

I hope we don’t see this print in the next hotel we stay in…
– Emmy I.


Dear Julie,

I am soooo relieved to learn that you have given up your futile attempt to challenge the dominant species of male nature painters, and have assumed your place amongst the legions of highlighters and other helpful drones at Thomas Kinkade Art-of Light-Industries, LLC. This is the path to the true fulfillment of your ambitions!


“Big” Dick Shaney
Misguided Artist Correctional Institute
– Allan A.


OH MY GOD, SHE’S GONE TO KINKADE!!! Please, please call Homeland security on this- dangerous people like her need to be re-programmed ASAP…
– Diane G.


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