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mighty-hunter2.jpgHooked everyone with that, didn’t I?? Hey, it’s a rare opportunity to sound pretentious and use – or in this case and better yet, make up – an “ism”.

What spurs this post are recent forays I’ve made away from strict representation (OK, not that anyone would describe me as strictly anything). Such adventures are consistently scary and, if they work (which is rare), fun. By definition, embarking on an adventure means we don’t know how how the story will end. I hate like hell to spend a week or more on prepping for and creating a painting…and then tossing it in the burn pile. But my low tolerance for boredom and repetition means self-inflicted pain at times. (How DOES Thomas Kinkade stand it, anyway?)

The image here is one such foray afield. In general, paintings can only briefly imply the passage of time; with this piece, my concept (HA! using the “c” word) was actually to depict it – in this case, a burrowing owl after his grasshopper prey. I watched this little guy for three or four hours one fine autumn day in the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, WY and came away with this idea, which has been ruminating in my head for half a year.

There will be more explorations of concepts that are not strictly naturalistic if I am to grow; I wince in anticipation.

P.S. No further blog posts until late next week (eg, Wed 4/2 or after) – heading off for a long weekend in Idaho Falls and our first agility trial of the season.

Painting: “Mighty Hunter”, 26 x 16

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