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chestnut-dreams.jpgFrom an essay in the December ’07 Southwest Art by Susan Hallsten McGarry, written about Gene & Rebecca Tobey’s work:

Excellence in execution does not necessarily keep an artwork alive for generations. Two additional elements are also essential.

Foremost is personal expression – communicating a meaningful emotion or experience.

Second is expanding that statement beyond the individual, inducing viewers to bring their own emotional interpretations to the piece. This indescribable combination raises fine art to a timeless language that resonates across cultures.

In other words, I boil this down to: “work with passion, and leave some things unsaid (or ambiguous).” I’ll have more to say about passion in future posts, but for now . . . what do you think?

“Chestnut Dreams”, 12×16 oil on handmade canvas panel
Ernest Fuller Fine Art (Denver, CO) – 866.946.1296


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